Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Release Day Blitz, My Review, & a GIVEAWAY: When Love Calls by Anja Pruitt....

At my age, you’d think love and marriage would be on my radar. Yet, those thoughts had evaded me until now—until they came along. 

Who knew two men could come in and demolish everything I thought would be my life. Now I can't get them out of my head. It would have been fine if things were just physical—physical I can handle. It’s love and relationships that get in the way. 

Love made me change. Relationships made me cheat. Now I’m here at this crossroads and all I can say is, “What now?”


We first meet Erin, a successful pediatric surgeon who thinks she's pretty much got it together. I mean that this must be how her life was meant to turn out....And then, she meets Josh...and....Mike!

Josh, a college professor is more the laid-back docile type, while Mike, who works in a garage by day and is a musician by night, is much more decisive and domineering. Both are honestly really nice guys and it doesn't take long before Erin finds herself caught up in love triangle with the both of them.

Erin realizes that she needs to stop this triangle and make a choice. Not only does she have that very important choice to make, but she has a few demons from the past that are still haunting her, and she needs to face them head on. She ends up taking some time off of work and is determined to not only make the right choice between the two guys but also to mark a bunch of things off of her bucket list, things she's always wanted to do, but just has simply never done, or has never had the chance to do.  

Throughout this story, we are introduced to a few of Erin's friends. It's nice to see some 'true friendship' going on, and by 'true friendship', I mean that they stand behind Erin no matter what, they are there to listen to her vent, and they are there to help her whenever she needs, whether it be to make as important decision or anything else.

Now, you need to go get yourself a copy and find out a few things, because I am not a spoiler. Some of these things include: what demons she was facing and how she decides to deal with them now that she is living life for herself, also finding out what happens during and throughout her love triangle, but mainly because you know you are dying to find out what she decides...which guy she chooses, just as much as I was the wondering the whole time I was reading Anja's debut story, and couldn't put it down, simply because it was amazing.      

I would recommend this story to anyone who likes romance, but who also likes there to be some issues standing in the way, making it now so easy for the main character to get to her happy ending.

            ★ All in all, I loved this story, and would definitely give it 4 1/2 stars!!                                                                                                                  



Anja Pruitt—singer, songwriter, thespian and part-time stand-up comedian decided to try her hand at writing! Yep, I’ve put down the mike and picked up a pen (well, actually a laptop but pen sounds so much better)! I am overjoyed to share my first novel with all of you. Writing it has been the most freeing, scary and brave thing I’ve ever done. Thanks for the support!

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