Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fantastic Father Giveaway Hop (Ends 6/6)....

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 Each prize or prize package must be worth at least $25...
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if you hop from blog to blog and enter each giveaway.

Just a quick note from me here at
SeReNiTy DoEsN't CoMe EaSy,
I sincerely wish you the best of luck in winning
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And I hope that each and every one of you....
Have a great Father's Day

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here at
SeReNiTy DoEsN't CoMe EaSy
has chosen to give away this great

Don't worry if you don't specifically like the reasons why 
that are shown here, because there are
15 different reasons 
to choose from!!

The following was taken directly from the Personalization Mall's website:

From Daughters and Sons...Choose from our 15 reasons "Why I Need Dad" or personally write your own!

Tell Dad why he's a source of love and inspiration all year through, then carve it in stone with our exclusive Why I Need Dad Marble Keepsake.

We custom personalize it just for you by skillfully laser engraving your choice of 15 different sentiments to appropriately express your feelings...or write your own!  

End with your own loving sentiment and name(s) to create a truly unique keepsake he'll treasure always!

The handsome piece is artfully handcrafted from genuine solid marble, featuring smooth, hand- polished finish and attractive scalloped edges. Measures 5"W x 3"H x 3/4"D.   

Note: Marble is a natural product and variations in color and markings in products are not to be considered a flaw and are to be expected.

A stunning and heartfelt gift he'll fondly display at home or office!

to check out
all the other great gift ideas at

and not just for Dad on Father's Day, either,
they have many great gift ideas for everyone in your life.

This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on June 6, 2014. 
The Fantastic Father Event Bloggers are not responsible for sponsors 
that do not fulfill their prizes. 
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  1. I would choose the hero quote for my daughter.

  2. to teach her what it means
    to always be there.

  3. I would get the 'daughter needs a Dad'. :D

  4. I like "to teach her what it means to always be there"

  5. My dad would melt if I got the one that starts " A Daughter needs a dad....."

  6. Fantastic Father Giveaway Hop (Ends 6/6).... - I'm not sure which one yet. There are a few that fit perfectly. What a special gift this would be for my husband!

  7. These are so nice, I like daughter number 1 " Who will always make sure she has a place to go home to...Thank youf ro asking.

  8. I would choose the Daughter #7 Verse-perfect!

  9. I'd choose the Daughter 8 verse. Thanks.

  10. Oh my, these make tears come to my eyes! I love "So when no one else is there for her, she can close her eyes and see him." CHILLS!!!!!

  11. I like the one "to teach him that a man's strength is not the force of his hand or his voice, but the kindness of his heart."

  12. Daughter 2 : so she will know what it is like to be somebody's favorite.
    me_juliet AT hotmail DOT com

  13. I think I would make my own, but my favorite out of the choices is So she will know what it is like to be somebody's favorite-daughter 2

  14. I would order Daughter #1. It is very true!!

  15. I like Son 3, "to teach him that a man's strength is not the force of his hand or his voice, but the kindness of his heart."

  16. I like the son 6 To teach him that a role in the family is greater than the work he does.

  17. I would choose the Daughter #5.

  18. I would make up my own verse. "Thank you for being my rock when I needed someone most."

  19. I would choose Daughter 7 - "Who will never think she is to old too need him"

    I would make my own, but I'm not good at that stuff ;)

  20. To teach her what it means to always be there

  21. I didn't really care for any of them, so I'd write my own for their dad from son and from daughter, for my great niece and great nephew :)

  22. I would choose to write my own verse