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This blog post and/or book contains sexual encounters and/or language that is suitable for adults only.
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Invitation by Christina Hoffman


Who says Heat can't be Sweet?  

Welcome to the World of Smart and Sexy -- Contemporary Romances with passion and heart. 

 Can the love of a good man bring you back to life? Dr. Liam Mason wants to try...

 Madison Spencer is a focused medical student, concerned only with work and paying the bills. She hides her beauty and once passionate spirit behind a quiet plain Jane facade. Since she was drugged, stripped, and photographed by a vengeful ex, she has stayed away from men and kept her heart and body safe. But the loneliness is becoming more than she can bear.

 When heart-stoppingly gorgeous Dr. Liam Mason walks into her world, she knows she's in trouble. The attraction is instant, but Madison expects her past to be a deal-breaker.

 Instead, Liam offers to bring her back to life with passion and pleasure. No love, no commitment, just straight-up fun. Madison's sensible mind resists, but her body is willing. Together the young doctors explore days and nights of pleasure, slowly becoming much more than bed-mates.

 Deep inside, each wonders if they've found their perfect match. But their fears threaten to destroy the world they're building together. Will they each be strong enough and brave enough to risk their hearts to have it all?

Note from the author: this title contains adult sexual content and is not intended for readers under 18 years old.

“Okay,” I pretended to still be calm and rational, but I could barely breathe. The man made my body writhe with pleasure just looking at him. “But I have to keep my clothes on. Maybe not all of them, but some. Okay? That has to be okay.”
He looked me over. I was wearing a t-shirt and a long skirt. He put his hand just under the hem of my skirt and grazed his fingers along my outer thigh. He barely touched my ass. It sent tingles all down and in-between my legs. My mouth was already open, panting a bit. “I think that will allow me access to the areas I need. So, agreed.”
He scooped me up like I was light as a feather and carried me to his bed. He fluffed up the pillows and laid me back against them. But I sat straight back up and turned off the light.
“It can't be like last time. I can't just be the whole center of attention. It's too embarrassing.”
“Was I supposed to be embarrassed last time? Because I felt a lot of things, and embarrassed isn't one of them.”
“Okay. Point taken. But I want to be able to, you know, respond if, you know, that seems like something I might want to do.”
He lay down on his side, facing me. His lips were brushing against mine. He touched his tongue to my upper lip and then bit the lower one gently. His voice was hoarse with desire. “I can't talk about this anymore.” I started kissing him back and we were instantly lost in each other. My lips felt swollen and on fire. His tongue teased my lips open wider and then plunged in. Our tongues moved together, making each other crazy with excitement.
My body wrapped around him. His arms moved up and down my back, sending shocks of electricity to my breasts and my center. Every time he touched me the feelings intensified. Soon I was almost dizzy with lust.
He grabbed my ass, pushing my pussy against him. We were still fully clothed, but I could feel him throbbing. The pressure against me felt amazing. My breathing was heavy and my heart pounded. His hand moved forward onto my breast, and he held it gently. Sparks of pleasure flew from my breast to my pussy. He put his hand under my shirt, onto my stomach. Then he lowered his face to my stomach, and kissed me over and over again, moving closer to the edge of my skirt.
“I need a minute,” Liam said. I didn't think I could wait. I put my hands in his luscious hair and held his face to my belly. I didn't push him downward, but God I wanted to.

First off, I must say that as I was reading this book, I wasn't aware that this was Christina's debut book. And truthfully I must tell you that if I had known ahead of time, I don't really think I would have believed it. I mean, I could sit here and list some or all of the reasons why I say this, but then I'd probably never get to my actual review. So, with that said, I'm just going to mention a couple of reasons why I was so surprised when I realized it was her debut. The very first thing I HAVE to mention, is that we without a doubt, have a classic literary storyteller on our hands here. I love the fact that Christina writes about such realistic situations and true-to-life undoubtedly genuine characters that we can so easily relate to, who are also, mostly likable. I like how she writes about problems so many of us deal with and face in life everyday, and the ways we often go about trying to deal with them, instead of acting as if every relationship is completely perfect, etc.

We first meet one of the main characters, Madison, when she's basically been living the life of a complete home-body, who has pretty much lived a solitary lifestyle for a couple of years. After reading about why she has basically lived as a hermit for this period of time, I must say that I completely believe that she did so with good reason. Her ex-boyfriend, Owen, put her through an absolutely and completely atrocious and traumatic experience, which unfortunately left her estranged from her father, who happens to be a preacher. In fact, as if the horrific experience her ex put her through wasn't bad enough, her father kicked her out and pretty much disowned her because he didn't believe Madison's side of the story about the inconceivable event her ex had put her through.

Madison has since then, pretty much decided that she's going to avoid men at all cost, perhaps even for the rest of her life. Well, Madison just so happens to be a medical student and while at a work function she was required to attend, she looks over and finds that her and another employee have seemingly caught each others eyes at same time. Unanticipated tho by Madison, she finds herself looking straight into the eyes of what could only be explained as the 'perfect man' in every sense and/or aspect of the word. Well as if this wasn't surprising enough to her that she finds herself attracted to a member of the opposite sex, he, Liam, walks up to her after the work function ends and asks her if she'd like to join him for a cup of coffee. She surprises herself yet again, when she accepts.

Madison and Liam, begin seeing each other, pretty much on a strictly sexual basis, since they both pretty much agree on the fact that they don't want nor need a relationship at this point in their very busy with work (her as a medical student, he as a Doctor) schedules and such. This type of non-relationship as they seem to call it, seems to be working out for them just fine, when Liam decides almost from out of nowhere that things might just be getting a little too serious, and he decides to break it off with Madison, which he does with none other than a text of all things.

Now, I'm not one who likes to spoil anything for the next one who chooses to read this book, so with that, I take my leave...but I do so not without first telling you that I highly recommend this wonderful book to each and every one of you. Go out and grab yourself a copy, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!

Meet the Author


Christina Hoffman was born in London, England. She moved with her family throughout Canada and the US, and has finally put down her suitcase, for now, in San Francisco. She believes that everyone has the right to feel both smart and sexy. We don't have to be one or the other! She writes stories about characters who live in the real world and who, somehow, still believe in love. She's starting a mini-revolution. She writes sexy stories, but hasn't lost the romance from her Romances. Enough with whips -- back to lips! She hopes you enjoy her stories and see yourself in her characters. After all, they are based on smart and sexy people, just like you.

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My sincere apologies for the late posting of my review and this giveaway, due to a trip to the hospital and a huge Lupus flare up.

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