Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FLASH GIVEAWAY....Get your entries QUICKLY!!!

Good morning,
I'm up with the Michiganders this morning,
even though I've been in Arizona now for almost a  year.

For some reason, I just can't sleep. Well actually there are
many reasons, one being that I suffer from Lupus, Fibro, 
and, and, and....I think you get the point. Well, anyways, I 
don't get a whole lot of REM sleep.

So as I'm sitting here wondering what to do with my time,
I decided a 
 was in order, for no other reason other


Well, I had no idea what I wanted to give away, so I had my
good friend Google help me out. I just put 'unique gifts' in the
search box and WAH  LAH....

Here we have it....something that caught my eye immediately
from the second site I clicked on. Yes, I realize that it is
something that I LIKE!!! But, I'm hoping that some of you\
might also like it.

It's a 
Silver and Black Filigree Box (ARV $25)

where their motto is...

Isn't it just gorgeous?
While I'm most definitely buying one for myself
(because I simply love black and silver things)
I am also
going to buy one for one of my wonderful followers!!


The following is taken directly from the seller's website:
This diminutive, round, keepsake box adds sparkle and sophisticated charm to its surroundings.
 The art deco-style design cut into the lid is accented with glittering, 
clear crystals and shiny, metal hexagons and circles that reflect the light like jewels. 
Glossy black enamel coats the sides and felt lines the underside. 
The lid is held securely closed with a magnetic closure. 2-1/4" in diameter x 1-1/2" high.


Well, most of you probably already know that a flash giveaway 
means if only lasts 24 hours or less.....
this one is going to last
24 hours.

So get your entries in quickly!! 

Disclaimer: I'd just like to make it clear that Netique
has absolutely nothing to do with this flash giveaway, other than the fact that I
have decided to buy the beautiful prize from them.
They in no way, shape, or form are responsible for making
 sure that the winner receives their prize. 
That responsibility is solely MINE here at
~SeReNiTy DoEsN't CoMe EaSy~

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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