Friday, June 13, 2014

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers NEEDS YOUR HELP....

We have a wonderful show that needs your help...

Currently Television is only 
delivering the bare minimum!!

Did you know that:

(1) Since 1996, TV broadcasters have been required to air at least three hours of children’s educational programming per week. 

(2) ONLY 1 of every 4 educational shows found to be minimally educational.

(3) Only 1 in every 8 educational shows was considered highly educational.


A study conducted found that only one of every eight E/I shows (13%) to be “highly educational.” In contrast, almost twice as many, nearly one of every four (23%) were classified in the lowest category of “minimally educational.” This is the first study of its kind in eight years, and it revealed a substantial decline in the percentage of highly educational programming over that time.
Read the Full study here!

Learn a little about Rachel
and her new show,
The #TreeSchoolers:

·  Created Signing Time with her sister, Emilie
·  Was nominated for an Emmy for her work as host of the show
·  Is the mother of three children
·  Airs on public television, Nick Jr. and Netflix
·  Teaches children American Sign Language
·  Features Rachel’s daughter, Leah, who is deaf, and Emilie’s son, Alex
·  Screen time for kids is increasing
·  Educational content is decreasing
·  Only 1 in 8 children’s shows qualifies as “highly educational”
·  Is based on a complete preschool curriculum - prepares kids for kindergarten
·  Actively engages children in learning (signs, games, songs and, dance)
·  Uses layered learning: teaches interrelated concepts vs.isolated concepts
·  Teaches children HOW to learn with the CORI Method (wonder, ask, learn, share)

Rachel & the #TreeSchoolers 

They need $200,000
and have currently raised nearly $150,000,
$35,000 of that in that past (2) TWO days!!

They have until TOMORROW, JUNE 14th at 10 PM MST
to come up with the other $50,000

They currently have a backer who will kick in the LAST $10,000
if they can come up with the other $40,000 in time.

Rachel went to Kickstarter
and here is why:

·  Rachel took the pilot episode to TV executives
·  Multiple studios turned it down because it was “too educational”
·  As a mom, Rachel completely disagreed and knew other parents would too
·  Rachel took the show directly to families through Kickstarter
·  Families funded 5 new episodes in less than 30 days
·  Three new episodes are funding now
With Kickstarter, families:
·  decide which shows get made
·  get involved in filming:  270+ children filmed so far
·  interact with Rachel (Skype calls, postcards, pizza parties, concerts)


Watch the first (3) three episodes here

(Preview) Ep 4: My Amazing Body

    And since I'm sure you'll be just as thrilled with it as I was...
    here is the link where you can go to and/or send others to

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