Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our review & FREE book: Night, Night, My Child by RyAnn Hall....

Night Night My Child
By: RyAnn Hall
Illustrated by: Inga Shalvashvili
Release Date: March 3, 2014

About the book 

In this book, you will meet a little girl named Kayleigh. This is a wonderful prayer bedtime story book that tells the nightly routine of how Mom and Dad get Kayleigh to go to bed at night. This sweet little book will touch your heart as Mom prays over her sweet baby each and every night for God to let her keep her each and every day. 

Having a nightly routine makes it so much easier to get children to sleep at night! Add a sweet little bedtime story before you turn out the lights! 

This picture book is packed with beautiful illustrations and is intended for little ones looking to read a book by their self for the very first time!

About the Author

I am RyAnn. I have a daughter and husband. I have lived in the Carolinas my whole life. I have never been outside of the USA although I want to. I wrote my first poem book when I was young. I finally got it published! Now I am working on many more books! I really enjoy writing poem books but have found a new love with children's books. I get the inspiration from all the wonderful children I have in my life!

I started writing children's books after many failed attempts to read books to my child. She is so hyper! The books I was trying to read to her were too long and I could not finish the story before she started trying to flip the pages, trying to take the book from me, stopped listing, or started trying to do something else. So I started writing smaller books for children who are really hyper, have add/adhd, or are just trying to learn how to read. This short books will be easy for children learning how to read, to read by themselves. It won't take them hours of sitting to read it. They will be so proud of themselves when they say, I have read my first book all by myself! 

Our Review
(My son, Nathan and I)

This book is a really cute and simple book for really young children
and beginning readers.

My son, Nate and I read it before he went to bed Wednesday night,
and I'm proud to say...IT WAS A HIT!!
Meaning, we will be reading it again. 

Nate really liked the part that it included that you give your puppy kisses
before you go to bed...because (s)he NEVER goes to bed
without kissing his Nucky. 

Mommy liked the part where (s)he saves some of his hugs and kisses
for Mommy. Because we all know that Mommy's CAN NEVER
get enough hugs and kisses from out little ones.

Nate really thought it was great that the book
talked about Mommy rubbing his/her back until he fell asleep,
because this is most definitely one of our nightly rituals.

 Even though this Mommy does occasionally give my little Nate
(ok, not so little anymore, now that he's NINE...but he will forever be my baby)
kisses on the cheek...

Mommy's ALL TIME FAVORITE place to kiss a child
is right between their eyes, that little spot that the skin bunches up
on....and the smaller the child is, the more bunched up
skin there is for Mommy to kiss :))

All in all, Nate and I thought this was a really cute night time book
to read before bed, and since the rituals they
did in the book before bed are so similar to the ones we do here


Night Night My Child 
is FREE on Amazon right now...
until June 16th.
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  1. Any chance I could talk you into copying a piece of that and pasting it on my book on amazon? I love the review :) Thanks so Much!!

    1. RyAnn,
      My apologies for just getting back with you. I am actually in the hospital just now (a horrible Lupus flare-up) and due to be released in the morning...I HOPE.
      I'm sorry, I usually post my reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, B&N and any of them that are applicable, I think we read this just before I was admitted and my daughter who has taken over my posts while I'm hospitalized must have posted this...and didn't know to also post to other sites.
      I just want to reiterate that my son and I LOVED your book, and I know by his reaction to it that we will be reading it again and again :))
      I will most certainly post my review on Amazon right away. We actually have a couple more of your books that we are going to read and review as well. I will let you know when that happens.
      I'd love to feature you on my blog sometime, if you are know maybe an interview or guest post or really anything you want...I could just do a write up about you in general and feature some of your books!?!?
      Thanks for commenting, I like to know that you heard the GOOD NEWS...that we LOVED your book.


  2. Thank you so much and I pray you feel better soon. I have it set up to where if someone mentions me, it sends me an email. That is how I found this. I signed up and gave you my email address if you want to email me for an interview or whatever you want to do. I sent this to my mom and she loved the fact that you asked your child if he liked the book. Thank you again! This truly made my night when I found it!