Monday, October 6, 2014

I could use a little help please, and you might score yourself a little something in the process....

So my randomizer isn't working for some reason and I need to pick a winner for a giveaway that has just ended. Short of drawing from 1562 names in a hat, this is what I came up with....

Please pick a number between (1) one and (1562) One thousand, five hundred, sixty two.
and leave me a comment with your number and your email address.

I will wait a few days and then draw from those numbers and not only will I have my winner for the giveaway that ended, but I have a special little surprise gift for the person's number that I choose... :)))

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your help.



  1. Hey Serenity,
    Just put zero to 9 - four times in a box and then pick four numbers. Whatever comes up can be your winner. Good luck!!
    Mimi mimibarbour@hotmail. com