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Bread for Adversity (Ebook Edition) Review + Giveaway...


Bread for Adversity (Ebook Edition) 
Review + Giveaway...

About the Book:

Are You Hungry for Change? 

The title before you is an offer, an invitation, to eat, drink and fellowship. An opportunity to remember the days and ways adversity has been served, and how strong a foundation it has built. You've seen the storm. You've faced the past. Now it's time to journey to the other side. 
You've eaten. 
You're Full. 
Let's Go! 
Now's the time to work the fuel given, to use the faith digesting, to crush the fear and doubt that plagued you. 

Take these days, a personal moment, to use your new confession. 
A fresh provision to face the challenge of walking and living the image of Christ, of going in faith to faith. 

Inside, there's a spiritual reminder. You may have and served daily the testimony of a foundation being built. But today... 

YOU ARE strong! 
YOU CAN overcome. 
YOU WILL defeat every adversity that tries, with fuel provided in eating 
The True Bread for Adversity 

Eat Now and Go Filled - GO FUELED! 

Discover a new fuel for facing adversity and overcoming the challenges in life.

The Bread for Adversity is your opportunity to fuel your faith. Isaiah 30:20 

Not talking another meal, this is an opportunity to gather and eat. Before you is a word of inspiration and devotion to stand and remember. Life may not taste good but it's incredibly good for you.

You've faced adversity now is your opportunity to experience The Promise. God has made a place for you. You're invited to the table. Eat, be fueled and go forward in the work. 

In thirty days, you're invited to partake of a new confession, renewed encouragement, a new strength to face the challenges of walking upright in life, the image of Christ. These words, are yours, for an everyday reminder, a blessing before, after and during the storms of life. 

You can grow strong in the fuel of faith, or you can wither away defeated by the cares of the world.

The Power is in You!

My Review:

I absolutely loved this book. Richard is so matter of fact and sincere, you will quickly fall in love with his writing and ways of making you feel full...of your food...yes, but more-so of knowledge. 

This is definitely one of my two favorite devotionals. This devotional will really give you something to think about each day, something you'll want to review and even do further studying on each day's subjects. This devotional will push you, test you, help you to face the day and the challenges it might bring.

You will be faced with many challenges in your time. Let this book be the help...the push                   you need to face those challenges daily and know that you are not alone.

                                       Devotionals can easily be printed up daily.

About the Author:

Richard L. Toney is an African American poet, writer, and inspirational speaker.

A growing and emerging voice teaching and leading many to hear and follow their passions spiritually. Equipping them to see God's voice in the everyday moments of life.

Beyond traditional beliefs and established religious boundaries he searches the Word to center his words, his writings, on the relationship of God with man and man's desire for God in himself.
As a speaker and ordained minister, he offers insights and lessons with one thought - Life is only difficult if you forget.

God's calling. It's your choice whether you answer

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