Monday, September 22, 2014

PhonePockIt Giveaway...

PhonePockIT Giveaway

Phone Pockit for any Smartphone or Tablet

How did the PhonePockit come to be? The founders of the greatest new innovation known to the tablet and smartphone market would love to share their story of extreme frustration and lack of pockets when the needed them most. 

On a routine Saturday at the grocery store founder Brian had a moment of sheer frustration when he realized he left his wallet at home. After having to ask the checkout girl to hold all of his groceries aside for him so that he could run home to retrieve his wallet from the kitchen counter, he quickly thought to himself........there has to be a better way! 

The entire ride home he soon realized that he would never forget his smartphone at home so why not be able to have something attached to his phone that would ensure he never left home without his wallet either. At this point the PhonePockit was born. 

The PhonePockit serves to be the all in one design that allows its avid users to easily hold credit cards, business cards, money, keys, earbuds, and so much More! The best part about is it can be easily attached and removed from any smartphone or tablet of your choosing. GET ONE TODAY!


These come in very handy when I don't feel like carrying my purse around, like say when we go for a walk to the park or something, and perhaps we decide to stop at the corner store for a drink on the way home.

I wouldn't suggest putting your life savings or your complete identity in it if you are prone to misplacing your phone, but I do think that having a little emergency cash could come in handy in certain situations.

And, because the pocket is expandable, you can put your earbuds or maybe your house keys inside.


(3) Winners!!

I am giving away (3) three (black) PhonePockIT's

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ends 11:59 pm 9/28 Winners will be chosen September 29th and notified via email.
They will have 48 hours to respond
or I will need to choose another winner.

Best of luck!

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