Sunday, September 28, 2014

'If You Could See What I See' Giveaway....

If You Could See What I See...


In honor and memory of my wonderful weekend and getting to spend some of it with my almost five month old Granddaughter, Cambria, I want to give away a copy of a wonderful book, that is ever so fitting to this current situation.


In Grandma's Arms is an ever so precious story by Jayne C. Shelton.

About the book:

"Sitting in the Storybook Chair, in Grandma's arms, you can go anywhere!

From deserts to forests, and up through the sky -- come along on one granddaughter's adventure, and ride the wave of words as reading takes her and her grandma 'round the world!"

So I'll bet you didn't know it, but this past Friday night I was the luckiest lady in the world. I was FINALLY able to meet and hold and kiss and love on my precious Granddaughter, Cambria Rayne.
Although she's almost five months old, I am just meeting her for the first time in person. We have had a few struggles that have prevented out meeting, including my hospital stays and the fact that I was living 3000 miles away for the first few months of her life. 

Now however, that is not the case. We will be spending as much time as humanly possible together.


Leave a meaningful comment to be entered to win a copy of 
In Grandma's Arms. Please leave me your email address so that I contact you if you win.

Ends 10/16
Winner will be notified 10/17 via email and
will have 48 hours to respond with needed info
or a new winner will be chosen.



  1. I would love this to give to my mom to read to my daughter. They are extremely close and I feel so blessed that she has such a wonderful grandmother. It is also funny how much they are alike so far she is taking after my mom the most and I love it.

    1. Also I didn't see anywhere to put my email just in case and I wasn't sure how it worked so its :D Good luck everyone and thanks for the giveaway!

    2. Thanks Kydal,
      I updated my post so that people who commented would also leave me their email so I could easily contact the winner. Thanks for the reminder.
      Beautiful name, by the way.

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  3. What a cute book! There's a special bond between grandchild and grandma; I had it with my grandmother and I see it with my children and their grandmother. reneebruno777 at gmail dot com

  4. This is too too sweet! I miss my grandparents. Such an amazing bond we had <3

  5. I just became a grandma for the third time this friday. All 3 of my grandkids are girls, one of them only 8 days younger than my own daughter. I never knew how much I could love a child as much as I did my own children untill I became a Grandma.

    1. Oops forgot to include my email

  6. I would love to give this to my mom to read to my niece Stella.